Proteomics Research Could Lead to the World’s First Non-invasive Test for Endometriosis

30th June 2022

Endometriosis affects one in nine women, which means more than 830,000 Australian women and girls suffer from endometriosis at some point in their lives. Variability in symptoms is a factor that may contribute to the average 6.5 year delay in diagnosis today. It can impact fertility for some women, but not for all.

Proteomics has announced the initial analysis of its endometriosis clinical validation study aimed at diagnosing the condition using a simple blood test. Preliminary results based on samples from 857 patients show several plasma proteins are statistically significant biomarkers for endometriosis. The results will be presented at the Fertility Society of Australia and New Zealand Annual Conference, being held 30 July – 2 August 2022.

The company already has a predictive test for diabetic kidney disease available in several countries and is advancing a range of additional tests for diseases and conditions such as asthma and oesophageal cancer.

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