Impact Report 2023

2023 Impact Report Cover

Read our latest report to see the social and environmental impacts achieved by our portfolio companies in 2023. Highlights include over 24,923GWh of renewable energy generated, over 1.15m tonnes of material collected and recycled, and the provision of over 51,000 childcare places for children in Australia.


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Our three pillars of impact investing:

1. How do we define intentional positive impact?

We have developed a rigorous methodology for determining which companies can be defined as impact investments.

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Our impact areas

These are the ten impact focus areas in which we look to invest your capital:

Affordable Housing

Care & Support


Financial and Other Inclusion

Healthy Living

Land & Resource Management

Renewable Energy

Wellbeing Healthcare Services

Wellbeing & Medical Services

Wellbeing Pharma

Facts & figures

See the impact of our portfolio companies (data as of 2022)

15,914 affordable houses or units provided.

$708 million worth of loans at lower interest rates and on fairer terms.

1.008 billion doses of pharmaceuticals produced from 2/5 invested companies and 13 active trials from 2/5 invested companies.

21,434GWH generated of renewable energy, avoiding 32.7 million tonnes CO2e.

Impacted over 320.4 million people on a daily basis with products and services across transport, protective equipment, food supplement and safety services.

Recycled 140.2 million tonnes of resources – paper, plastic, steel, waste, water, and e-waste.

10.8 million students educated with 230.4 million lessons.

Provided 1,115 childcare facilities caring for and educating over 50,000 children each week.

Over 14.8 million users of medical devices in areas such as skin burns and defects, infection prevention, breathing difficulties, breast cancer identification, glaucoma and other eye disease, and diabetes and chronic kidney disease identification.

Provided 257.6 million test and treatments across hospitals, medical centres, clinics, pathology laboratories, diagnostic imaging, dental and radiology centres.

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