MedAdvisor to Acquire GuildLink

25th July 2022

Poor medication adherence is widely recognized as one of the most common and preventable costs for health systems with avoidable bad outcomes for the patients. It is estimated that, in Australia, the healthcare system incurs $1.9bn of unnecessary costs and around 9,000 lives are lost each year due to non-adherence.

MedAdvisor’s software helps people with all aspects of the prescription medication use, from connecting them with pharmacies to education and reminders. Based on their results, MedAdvisor’s digital programs improve adherence by 20%.

MedAdvisor has announced the purchase of GuildLink from the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. GuildLink also focuses on proving software solutions to the healthcare industry. This will add 934 pharmacies, taking MDR Pharmacy software installations to over 5,000 pharmacies, representing c.90% of the pharmacies in Australia with over 2.9m patients digitally connected via MedAdvisor. This acquisition helps to scale MedAdvisors’s digital offering.

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