De.mem Provides Impact Metric

26th July 2022

De.mem is an industrial water and wastewater treatment company. With its core business model focusing on the re-use and recycling of industrial wastewater, De.mem fulfils an important environment role. Their process utilises world-leading membrane technology which results in lower power consumption and a meaningful reduction in the usage of bulk chemicals compared to standard treatment processes.

Since investing in the company in early 2021, we have engaged with senior management on many occasions, and we are very pleased to see them issue an Impact Metric in their latest quarterly report. De.mem treated approximately 550 million litres of water across 15 sites in Australia and Singapore (roughly equivalent to the amount of water contained in 220 Olympic-sized swimming pools).

Going forward, this data will enable us to estimate the power and chemical savings from the implementation of De.mem’s processes.

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